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After observing the world through the lens of a Glana hyperspectral camera, what our eyes perceive becomes pale in comparison. Capture individual wavelengths to see more and beyond. It’s time to see the true colors of your surroundings!

For this, Glana presents a innovative new way of capturing hyperspectral images at incredibly high resolutions. Our patented capturing technique also allows for simultaneous depth estimation or full on 3D-reconstruction and whether your interested in an industry, lab, field or aerial solution, reach out to us to find out why Glana is the best option for you.

Do you spot the plastic plant?


Glana L4 is a very high resolution cameras using state-of-the-art continuously variable optical filters to create hyperspectral images with high spectral resolution. This makes the camera very robust for demanding applications.


Using Glana Capture software you will be guided through some simple steps to calibrate and capture a hyperspectral image. A quick analysis viewing the spectral curves or applying a vegetation index can be done in with just a click. 

Capture kit

We provide a track or pan kit depending on the application to the capture the hyperspectral image is completely automatic. The capture kit is connected easily using a wireless bluethooth connection and controlled from the capture software.

Use cases


The Glana camera has a lot to offer in numerous applications throughout the field of agriculture. From detecting early signs of plant stress to categorizing different types of crops and weeds.

In the EU-project AFarCloud, a drone-mounted Glana camera was used to create a 3D-reconstruction of a field to determine the quality and growth rate of wheat crops.

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Processing industry

Hyperspectral Imaging using the Glana camera is, by design, perfectly suited for an conveyor belt solution and can be highly useful in other segments for the processing industry.

Due to the the kept spatial information in the images produced by the Glana camera, it is possible to quickly estimate height and shape of an object. Thus, eliminating the need of an laser scanner.

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The Glana camera is optimal when it comes to categorizing and analyzing large swaths of land, such as forests, thanks to its high resolution.

By creating a DEM using the depth capabilities of the Glana camera, a hyperspectral image of a spruce plantation was created. Here a NDVI image makes the spruce plants much easier to identify, count and measure.

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The Glana panoramic kit and Glana track kit are highly suitable for capturing a hyperspectral image of an object or an entire crime scene.

Here the Glana camera is used to find bullet casings in foliage and to differentiate old and new blood stains.

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Food industry

Hyperspectral imaging is a great tool to determine the fat percentage of meats, ripeness of fruits and vegetables, or sorting nuts.

The Glana camera was, in a collaboration with Linköping University, used to construct a metric to determine the freshness of an apple.

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